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A great team always ready to help the foundation and the children and youngsters, and their families, at the hospital, at home and during the leisure activities.

Our Foundation has a Volunteering Program structured in different lines, as well as a Training Plan that includes an Obligatory Initial Course and several others in Continuous Training during the year.

Lines of the Volunteering Program

Hospital volunteer work

Support, playtime and entertainment for hospitalized children and youngsters. This includes staying in the hospital rooms with the children so their families may have some break time, giving renewed energy to playrooms and managing the lending and maintenance of playing material.

The volunteering team are present at the pediatric departments of:

  • Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
  • Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol

(due to the health situation the volunteering is under request by the health professionals)

Home volunteer work

We give home support to children and youngsters undergoing treatment all over the Catalan territory. We offer company, entertainment and playtime as well as free time breathers to their families.

This activity is carried out in coordination with the five Catalan hospitals of reference in Pediatric Oncology and Hematology when it is required by their social services.

Volunteer work for other activities, trips and excursions

The volunteering team take part in the trips and excursions for children and youngsters, and their families.

Also, they take part in the activities of the program called "You're not alone", for youngsters who have overcome their disease.

Volunteer administrative and support work

They offer support in information, administration and management tasks at our Foundation headquarters. 

Also they offer support in activities and fundraising events, like the team of volunteers that make handmade products for theganizing our Christmas Solidarity Fair.

Entrance process

All people interested in volunteer work in our Foundation, follow an entrance process that normally takes place one or twice a year. This three-step process is:

  • Attending an information meeting on our foundation programs
  • Personal interview
  • Attending our Obligatory Initial Course

If you want to be notified when we start a new entrance process* please fill this form.

*Being over 18 years old is indispensable to be a part of the volunteering team.

Training for volunteers

We understand the training of volunteers is the key to reach adequate quality parameters for this program, including accuracy and consistency. Training means giving information but also defining the work to be done and supplying tools, resources and adequate environments to carry out the volunteer work with excellence.

Initial training

Candidates to be part of the team are interviewed and the ideal program for them is defined. The training process that follows is indispensable and compulsory to enter any program.

The initial training consists of three three-hour long sessions and it has no cost for the participants.

Completing this course is an indispensable requisite to be a part of our team of volunteers.

Continuous training

Several continuous training opportunities are offered as optional to our volunteers.

They are designed to provide instruments for the development of high-quality activities.

We also facilitate the attendance of our volunteers to training sessions offered by other organizations such as the Catalan Federation of Entities Against Cancer and the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering.

Monitoring and coordination

The different program lines are coordinated by the technical team of the Foundation. Meetings with the different teams are held every four months.

Other volunteer activities and collaboration

The Foundation's volunteers meet twice regularly every year, in spring and at Christmas time, for further training but mostly for socializing. We take every opportunity to thank them for their commitment.

Our volunteering team collaborate with different acts and solidarity activities organized by other entities. Examples are campaigns held by the Food Bank (Banc dels Aliments), the Marathon show on TV3 every December, the Pediatric Dermatology Conference held by the School of Atopic Skin at the Hospital de Sant Pau, the Blood Bank marathon and others.