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Activities for children and youngsters, and their families

Leisure is a right for children and young people and consequently, it is also a right for them when they suffer a serious disease  

Every year, then, we organize a series of activities, in and out of hospital, to facilitate their access to places of leisure and fun.

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  • Activitats2
  • Activitats 3
  • Activitats 4
  • Activitats 5
  • Activitats 6
  • Activitats 7
  • Activitats 8
  • Activitats 9
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Cultural activities, trips, get-togethers, and new adventures offer the possibility to share time and experiences with other children and youngsters in similar circumstances. These activities provide energy and a better disposition to undergo the different stages in treatment.

All activities are supervised by the volunteering team and healthcare professionals go on trips with us to provide whatever medical assistance may be needed.

Trips and excursions out of hospital

Activities while in hospital

It is also important to keep busy during hospitalization, participating in festivities and observing traditions that take place at different times of the year. Activities non-stop!

The Three Wise Men, Carnival, Lent, Easter, spring, Saint George's day, the feast day of Saint John the Baptist and the beginning of summer, fall and roasted chestnuts, autumn, Christmas, ... in hospital too!

And also:

  • Visit of the FC Barcelona soccer players and the 501st Legion from Star Wars
  • Crafts workshops
  • Magic, music therapy, percussion, ...workshops

Other activities, shows and visits

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Soccer and basketball games and tournaments 
  • Shows
  • Theater and cinema
  • Concerts
  • Sailing activities
  • Crafts workshops
  • Cooking workshops
  • And a lot more...