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Donations and members

We accompany children and young people with cancer and other serious illnesses, and help their families in the hospital and at home go through the most difficult moments.

You can help us from just 1€

With 10 €

We buy play and handicraft materials for hospitals and for the activities.

With 25 €

We organize an afternoon of activities for a group of children or youngsters undergoing treatment.

With 50 €

We can buy house linen, cleaning products or kitchen utensils for a temporary home. 

With 100 €

We can cover a month of energy supply for a temporary home. 

With 300 €

It is an monetary contribution in social help to cover the basic needs of a family in economic hardship for a month.

With 500 €

You help to implement the new project in pediatric palliative care.

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If you so wish, you may also make a bank transfer to the following account:

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