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Family social support

To help a children or a youngster with a serious disease we must help their family giving support in the social area

The diagnosis of a dangerous disease is a very hard test not only for the  people who are sick but for their families as well. When the sick person is a child or youngster, the situation becomes especially difficult. It is an unexpected event with a tremendous impact on the affected child or teenager and also on family members and inner circle. The first big change to be faced will be breaking with daily routines, the previous family organization and all plans for the immediate future. Together with the emotional impact of the diagnosis and the hard medical treatments applied, it will be necessary to deal with a list of obstacles of different kinds that will be present along the whole process.

That's why the family unit is at the center of attention in our support programs. Providing support to the families is one of the priorities of our work.

We put different resources at the disposal of the families to facilitate the process

Economic help

Economic aids to help families undergoing situations of social and economic vulnerability social to ensure the children's well-being, and also their families, through all the disease process 

Accommodation for
families temporarily
out of their homes

We offer accommodation in flats or apartments to families who have to move to get medical treatment. This way they can be near their hospitalized child or have easier access to treatment at an outpatient healthcare center

Social work guidance and support

We give assistance to manage the resources to cover the basic needs of children and youngsters with serious disease, and their families